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DAM works best with the popular Firefox and Chrome browsers.

On Flixya site, MediaGrabber works with any browsers.

Tip: The newest DAM offers you a powerful tool--MediaGrabber--that is capable of capturing videos and music from the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers with DAM Extension enabled.

See DAM in action - as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1. Launch MediaGrabber (only if you haven't)

You may run DAM MediaGrabber from Firefox, Chrome and IE context-menu (by right-click and choosing "Grab Video/Music with DAM" command), or the Tools menu of DAM by selecting "Launch MediaGrabber" menu item:

Firefox Context Menu IE Context Menu
DAM Menu Item

Step 2. Play media with your browser

You will find that the playing media file has been captured and added into MediaGrabber window (if a media file has been playing prior the launch of MediaGrabber, refresh page):

DAM MediaGrabber

Step 3. Click Download button

Select grabbed media files in the DAM MediaGrabber window, then click "Download Last" or "Download All" (Ultimate version) button, DAM will download the selected media for you.

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)
How to play the downloaded midis?
  • DON'T waste your time in converting your downloaded media files into other formats again and again, all you need is a media player that supports the needed media codec (like MP4, WebM, FLV, etc.)! A popular media player, VLC Media Player, will play those media files for you!

  • To display grabbed video files, you shall select Video type in MediaGrabber window
  • You may start DAM MediaGrabber before playing media files in your browser.
  • To grab browser videos, you shall select a certain browser monitoring setting with MediaGrabber. For example, if you use Firefox browser, then Firefox option shall be selected at Options > Monitoring.
  • If DAM MediaGrabber misses grabbing a media file, you may refresh the webpage and play the media file again, to re-grab the file; you may also restart your web browser or MediaGrabber to see if this helps.
  • Other download managers could block MediaGrabber from capturing media; uninstalling those download managers would be the way to save your computer system and other Internet programs
  • MediaGrabber and DAM are 100% clean applications. Media capturing logic runs only when MediaGrabber runs and stops when MediaGrabber exits.
  • Read more tips...

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